6.500 Element4ls

According to reports, there are 6,500 Element4ls making their way to planet Earth.

Arriving November

The launch will be on November 6th

Solana Blockchain

Powered by the Solana blockchain, Element4ls are built for speed and durability.

About them

Who are the Element4ls?

Known for their superpowers and heroism when disaster hits the Universe, these humanoid robots have a stunning and unique appearance. Their sole mission is to restore harmony within the Universe and protect the elements at all cost. The Element4ls get their name from the four primal elements they can control and master. They are the strongest sentient force known to the Universe.

Why are they here?

Their Mission

On the streets of planet Crypto, there are whispers of chaos and war that has broken out on planet Earth. Mankind is fighting themselves and destroying everything in their way. A cloud of despair looms in the air, whilst the very elements of Earth are crumbling right before them. Before it’s too late, the Element4ls must gather to save mankind and planet Earth. But first, they must gear up to travel far and beyond the galaxy, past ruined planets, deadly creatures, and other living things. Will the Element4ls make it in time to save planet Earth? Stay tuned to find out…

THeir appearance

Available Attributes


Rarity & traits

Rarity: Common
Traits: Head
Crystal of Kamatra
Rarity: Exotic
Traits: Weapon
Staff of Kamatra
Rarity: Exotic
Traits: Weapon
Kamatra Clothing
Armor of Kamatra
Rarity: Exotic
Traits: Clothing
Kamatra Emblem
Symbol of Kamatra
Rarity: Exotic
Traits: Symbol
Kamatra Head
Mask of Kamatra
Rarity: Exotic
Traits: Head
Rarity: Rare
Traits: Symbol
Rarity: Rare
Traits: Clothing
Rarity: Legendary
Traits: Aura
Green Magic
Rarity: Rare
Traits: Weapon
Rarity: Epic
Traits: Skins
Biohazard Hologram
Rarity: Common
Traits: Weapon
Staff of Wind
Rarity: Legendary
Traits: Weapon
Rarity: Legendary
Traits: Clothing
Metal Jacket
Rarity: Epic
Traits: Clothing
Hoodie Bandana
Rarity: Epic
Traits: Head
Rarity: Epic
Traits: Aura
Ninja Armor
Rarity: Rare
Traits: Clothing
Purple Jack
Rarity: Rare
Traits: Clothing
Knight Armor
Rarity: Epic
Traits: Clothing
What is the plan

Launching and minting the collection of 10,000 Element4ls who will become members of the Element4ls Legion.

The Element4ls Gallery
Want to see the members of the Element4ls Legion? After launch we will be showcasing all the members of the Legion (all 10,000 minted pieces) on our website.

Short story — “The Element4ls —Arrival” The Element4ls are proud to be making a short story for the community called: “The Element4ls — Arrival’’ written by Justin Sloan. The Element4ls —Arrival, will be shared in our discord before launch and will set the stage for a Universe written by the Element4ls Legion. After launch, the writing will commence and the community will be in charge of creating a novel together with Justin Sloan to fully develop the the Element4ls story.

Novel Related Airdrops
Every week after launch, there will be short story proposals to vote on and to edit with the holders of our collection. In these proposals, the decision is made for the direction of the chapter, as well as one unique airdrop related to this chapter.

Claim Your Hard Copy
Members of the legion who have voted on the proposals, will receive the Book Cover NFT exclusively. This book cover can be used to claim a hard copy of the novel written by the community and can be claimed once.

Our main focus and longer term vision is to build a F2P (Free To Play) Element4ls virtual online social community game on the Solana blockchain.

In-Game Assets
The teams vision is to create a game which includes in-game assets such as decorations, companions, character skins, character equipment and much more. These assets will be tradable on an in-game marketplace built upon the Solana Blockchain.

Your own customizable planet
Add friends and design your own customizable planet with in-game and tokenized assets from the Solana Blockchain. Show off all of your verified NFTs on your own planet for the community to see.

Planet Lobbies
Connect with the community by visiting different planet lobbies such as (mini)game lobbies, event lobbies, trading lobbies, social lobbies and DEX lobbies.

The teams goal has always been to give back to the community and to bring a positive social impact to the universe. Our charity treasury will be used to donate to a charity of choice by the Element4ls Legion. Before launch, there will be a community event to pick the first charity. After launch, the holders will decide which charity is picked that month to receive a donation from the Charity Treasury. We plan on inviting the chosen charity and do multiple events to inform the community about what they do. These events are Public Presentations about the Charity, as well as interactive events the community can participate in.

The team is committed to provide quality events for the community. We do this by inviting charities who are involved in our Charity Fund. The community written novel, and incentivized airdrops. Next to this we are planning on keeping the community engaged with different events proposed by the holders and the team voted on by the community.

We are working on getting listed on the best possible marketplace currently available. More information to come prior to launch.

How to support them


Upon their arrival on the Solana blockchain, the Element4ls will come in the form of a collectible NFT. Help them in this devastating war on Earth by minting your very own and begin to restore the harmony on the planet. If this is your first time on Solana and would like to know more about how you can get your hands on one of the Element4ls, please see the FAQs below!

Element4ls is an art collectible brand built on the Solana blockchain with a collection of 6500 Element4ls.

Yes! Our sale will be on an FCFS basis.

The second sale will be on November 6 2021 17:00 UTC

The minting price for our FCFS sale is 0.5 $SOL

There will only be a total of 6500 Element4ls! There are 829 Element4ls reserved for whitelisted people and a total of 5671 left for our FCFS sale!

No, there will be no minting limit. You can mint as many Element4ls as you desire!

No! The team believes in having a 100% fair and transparent launch. We will not be reserving any pieces for ourselves and will be buying from the marketplaces for our personal collections.

950 people have been whitelisted. There are no whitelist spots left.

We designed the E4 Redemption Passes to maintain a 100% fair launch. Holders of these passes will receive a free random NFT of the official Element4ls collection after launch. No need to claim!

Yes, we will list on Magic Eden and FTX US after launch.

Yes, we will reserve some Element4ls for giveaways, contests, our ambassador program and any other marketing purposes after launch!

Rarities and traits are available on our website (Scroll up)

In our Discord or on our website.

YES! The full intellectual property is owned by its minter/purchaser.

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